OK, so the first thing you’ll be doing in Runescape on your new account once you sign up is finishing the tutotial island guide. This will help you get a grasp of the basics of Runescape, and basically how to get around and train certain skills such as cooking, woodcutting, mining, smithing and so on so forth. In that case, I’ll just skip the mere basics.
Once you’ve completed the tutorial island section, you’ve now moved on to the “beginner’s town”, which is Lumbridge. You can start exploring the castle, the courtyards and when you’re bored of those, you can open up the map and look around for new places to explore. But if you want to cut all that, and just get to the important stuff, the most important things you’ll need, is of course, cash. Without cash, there’s no armour, food, equipment – you get the point.

When you start earning your cash, you might want to level up your combat skills as well. To do this, head over to the farm near Lumbridge. If you don’t know where this is, ask someone to take you there. Here, you’ll find level 2 chickens running around. Your starting combat level will be 3, so it won’t take much to kill these off. You could use your bear hands and feet to kill chickens, but if you can get your hands on perhaps a decent weapon, by all means, please do so. Now, this method helps you to level up your character, of course. And while you do this, you can collect the dropped feathers. As useless as feathers may sound, the are highly in demand because of their use in the fishing skill. These can sell for a few gp each, which is not much, but when you keep collecting them, they can earn you a fair bit of cash. Another good thing is that feathers are stackable, so you won’t have to run to bank them. They also drop bones and raw chicken meat. The meat isn’t so important unless you want to cook them, but the bones should always be buried. This’ll help you train your prayer skill which in the long run, can be pretty useful.

Another easy way for cash, (and this is also a lot faster) is to mine rune essence. The first quest you should do when you arrive at Lumbridge is to finish up the “Rune Mysteries” quest. If you’re lazy, (like me) you can just follow this guide. Sal’s Realm of Runescape is a great gudie website. This guide’ll give you a walkthrough for the quest. Once you’ve finished the quest, grab a pickaxe and head over to the rune shop located in Varrock. From here, Aubury (the shopkeeper) can teleport you to the mining site. Just click on the rune rock, and you’ll start mining rune essence. Unlike normal rocks, you just have to click once and your character’ll start mining till you hit a full inventory. This is a good way to start off your mining skill and earn cash. Rune essences sell for around 60gp now, according to the update. The price may vary, but it still sells for quite a fair bit.

These are the basic ways for earning cash as a new player in Runescape. As you progress further into the game, you’ll want to know how to use the Grand Exchange. The Grand Exchange (also known as the “GE”) is extremely useful for buying items without having to ask people if they’re selling them. Now, contrary to what some other guides may say, staying in Karamja Island to collect bananas for a mere fee of 30gp for quick cash isn’t a good money making method. Simply because 30gp isn’t a lot, and you’ll have to walk a fair bit to collect the bananas, a lot of clicking is required and bananas are NOT stackable. You’ll have to stay on the island for quite some time to earn a decent amount of cash without any other additional exp for any skills.

My guide for now stops here, and I’m sorry if it’s a bit messy and all. Good luck with everything. Cheers.