The fifth quest in the Myreque Quest Series, which was first announced during the RuneFest 2019. It is a Master difficulty quest that involves a plan made by the Myreque and Vanescula Drakan. The plan is to assassinate Lord Lowerniel Drakan, who is the vampire overlord of Morytania. Even though it’s a long and difficult quest, we’ll be here to help you throughout your journey. So, let’s begin!

Quest Requirements

First off, you will need to complete the following quests; Vampyre Slayer, A Taste of Hope, Darkness of Hallowvale, In Aid of the Myreque, In Search of the Myreque, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, and The Restless Ghost. You will also need the following skill levels; 62 Woodcutting, 60 Fletching, 56 Crafting, 52 Agility, 50 Attack, 50 Slayer, and 49 Magic. You may need an additional 10,000 OSRS Gold to pay Andras for a trip to Slepe.

Speaking in terms of the items required for this sins of the father osrs guide, you will need an Axe, Vyrewatch Outfit (can be obtained during the quest from the Trader Sven’s Black-market Goods), Ivandis Flail, Ruby, Knife, Chisel, and Rune for Level-3 Enchant. Other than that, you can use additional items to make your journey easy and smooth.

Enough combat level to defeat level 133 Kroy, level 143 & 67 Nail Beast, level 119 Vampyre Juvinate, level 123 Mutated Bloodveld, level 203 Damien Leucurte, level 122 Vampyre Juvenile, and level 413 Vanstrom Klause.

How to begin?

To start this sins of the father osrs quest, you will have to go outside the Church in Slepe and speak to Veliaf Hurtz. You can use the Drakan’s Medallion to reach Ver Sinhaza and then a simple walk to the church to save time. An alternative way would be to select the Ectophial teleport, and then use Andras’ rowboat to head north, or teleport and head through the Port Phasmatys, where you will be able to find Slepe to the south.

Whichever way you choose, speak to him and he will tell you about how the Sleeper Plagues has overcome the town and the residents are not waking up from their sleep. Your task in this sins of the father osrs quest is to find out what is causing this very illness and you start by checking the Church.


Head to the church and speak to Hameln the Jester, who will bring it to your notice that his friend got sick by drinking at the pub, so that’s where you will be heading next. Go southeast from where you stand and speak to Carl about the drinks. Carl won’t provide any useful information, so head outside and inspect the barrel behind the pub yourself. This will trigger a cutscene and once it’s over, you will have to follow Carl to a dungeon at the center of the town, and you must be careful not to get caught because he will occasionally turn around. You must hide every time he turns around, and then once he starts walking, you must follow him again.


The best way to avoid getting spotted in this sins of the father osrs guide is by heading through the church and hiding around the door that is to the north. Wait till he passes by and then hide behind trees that you come across on the way. When you reach the town center, hide behind the trees at the gallows and wait till he enters the graveyard. Once he does, hide behind the plants that are nearby the entrance.

Once you manage to successfully do that, another cutscene will trigger where you have to fight against Kroy. He can switch between melee and magic, so make sure that you’re close to him when he’s attacking because his magic attacks can weaken your abilities. While you’re there, destroy the lab tables beforehand because you will have to do that later in the quest. The lab can be located by heading along the western wall.

Now you will need to return to Veliaf, and then to Drezel, who is at the Paterdomus. Finally, from Fenkenstrain’s Castle, go south to locate Ivan Storm, which will trigger the third cutscene. Vanescula Drakan will appear now and suggest that Myreque gathers its members and meet in the Icyene Graveyard.

Ivan Storm

Go west of Canifis, where you will take part in the Burgh de Rott Ramble minigame along with Ivan. Ensure beforehand that you have the Ivandis Flail weapon, and once you do, speak to Ivan to begin the minigame.

During this phase, you will need to either use an axe or knife to cut down three vines from the tree and then combine them to make a long vine that can be used on the tree branch. You need to swing across the water and fight three beasts, while at the same time ensuring that Ivan is protected. You can heal him with the food you have with you. As you walk forward, you will come across a broken bridge, so use your axe to cut down three dead trees and use the logs to repair it. At the very end, you will face two Vampyres (level 119), and this is the part where you will use your Ivandis Flail to defeat them.

Icyene Graveyard

After reaching the docks, speak to Ivan and you’ll get the option to sail to the Icyene Graveyard. Speak to Ivan and the crew to trigger the fourth cutscene, and once it’s over, you will have to solve a puzzle on the mausoleum door.

The puzzle will require you to have active numbers in each of the rows, which will add up to the numbers in the columns. You can mark the squares that you won’t be needing with a red flag, and the active numbers will be in the blue and yellow squares. The numbers will differ for every player who tries this puzzle. However, a good tip would be to look for the column which has numbers below 5 to get a possible solution.

Myreque Members

Once the puzzle is completed, it will be revealed that Vanstrom Klause is the father of Safalaan. Next, you will need to speak to a few Myreque members, which will include Ivan, Vertida Sefalatis, Kael Forshaw, Radigad Ponfit, Polmafi Ferdygris, Polmafi Ferdygris, and Veliaf, in the same order. Once each of them agrees to help, visit Meiyerditch.

Talk to one of the flying Vyrewatch there and ask them to be sent to the mines where you will have to mine 15 Daeyalt Ore. These ores need to be put into the cart, and you can then speak to a Vyrematch to leave the area. Once you get out, search the eastern side for a house with staircases, because that is where you will have to kill a Mutated Bloodveld (level 123). After that, speak to Safalaan and then head to the room which is west from where you’re standing and check the bookshelves there. Once you obtain a book, take it to Safalaan and speak to him again.

Noble Disguise

The next task is to fight against Damien Leucurte, who is a high levelled Vampyre, so make sure that you’re properly equipped with equipment and supplies. Once you’re done, go back to the back to reach Icyene Graveyard and speak to the Myreque members there. This must be done before heading to the Meiyerditch where you have to purchase a Vyrewatch Disguise from the Trader named Sven, located near the Old Man Ral’s house.

You will now need to turn the disguise into a noble one, so go down to the underground lair which is beneath the Old Man Ral’s house, and speak to Polmafi Ferdygris. Once that’s done, go back to the Icyene Graveyard and speak to Vanescula Drakan, following with Veliaf Hurtz who is west of the church in Slepe.

After that, you need to locate Damien Leucurte who is in the Crombwick Manor in Slepe. During the fight against him, you will notice that he uses Ranged and Magic attacks, and the room litters with fire which needs to be dealt with. You will need to attack him using your Ivandis Flail, and if you manage to keep the fire down, then the fight will pretty much be smooth. Once he is defeated, speak to Veliaf and head back to the graveyard to speak to Vanescula.

The Arboretum

You will need to head back to the mines again to locate a Vampyre, and once you do, you must head up to Darkmeyer. Here Vyrewatch won’t be hostile towards you since you have the Vyre Noble Outfit.

You will be able to see a tree icon in the southeast direction and that’s where you need to go for the Arboretum. When you try to enter, you will be halted by a Vampyre, after which you need to locate Mordan Nikazsi, who is nearby the Darkmeyer entrance. Mordan will ask you to find slaves that are in the prison between the Arboretum and the Food Store. Speak to Maria Gadderanks after this to trigger the fifth cutscene, and after that, you will be able to enter the Arboretum.

Start searching the shelves for a note and use it to find out how you can restore the water flow by using the north and south valves (get the right combination). After that cut eight logs from the Blisterwood Tree nearby and take them to the Iceyene Graveyard. Speak to Veliaf and Vanscula again to continue the quest further.

Blisterwood Flail

Now you need to head back to the Old Man Rul’s house to get access to the underground lair. For this, you will need a knife and chisel, and when you do, speak to Vertida while handing over the 7 Blisterwood Logs in your inventory. He will then show you how to create a Ruby Sickle. You can get a Silver Sickle from a box nearby, and you just have to use a chisel and ruby on it to get the desired item. Finally, enchant the Ruby Sickle and combine it with a Blisterwood Log using your knife to make the Blisterwood Sickle. Use the item on the Ivandis Flail to successfully create a Blisterwood Flail.

Speak to Veliaf next, followed by Safalaan. Safalaan will tell you about his regrets, which will then take you to the final part of the quest.

Vanstrom Klause

Go through the entire cutscene to begin the final battle, where Vanstrom will have two deadly phases, and you should make sure that you have a high defense armour that can protect you against Magic attacks, along with the necessary potions and food. A weapon that provides rapid ranged attacks can be useful here, as well as the ability to use protection prayers.

In the first phase the boss will use magic attacks, so keep your defenses up accordingly. He will use three unpredictable special attacks, and that’s why it’s best that you keep your distance maintained. It will take him about ten normal attacks before he can perform one of his specials. For the first attack, your Ranged Weapon can come in handy as he summons Bloodvelds that can cause damage by using acid attacks. Don’t walk on any of the acid spots because it’ll deal additional damage. The second attack will turn your screen dark, so you have to make sure that you’re nowhere around him to deal damage from his attacks. Finally, the third attack will summon a blood orb that regenerates Vanstrom’s health, so you can either choose to destroy the orb or lure the boss into it.

In the second phase, you will have to switch your prayer to melee because Vanstrom will start to barrage you with lightning bolt attacks that can cause a great deal of damage. You can indicate where the bolts are going to hit beforehand by keeping an eye out on the ground circles. Stick to this strategy and you will be able to take him down in no time. Finally, once he’s dead the quest will be completed.