Recently the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational announced the long-awaited third part of the Diablo series-Diablo 3. It is presented as the ultimate rpg, but unfortunately it is still unknown when the games will be delivered. Diablo 3 builds on the successful Diablo 2, but has new and improved classes.
With the coming of Diablo 3, the hearts of many loyal Diablo fans beat faster. Blizzard predicts that the ultimate rpg would just agree to come. It took a long time before finally about one third shares of the Diablo series was discussed.


Diablo 3 takes place 20 years later than Diablo 2. In this second part, the demons of the underworld reports the “world stone” which reveals the meaning of heaven by the angel Tyrael has been destroyed. The destruction of the world stone has a devastating impact on heaven, earth and hell. The third part will again play in the dark Sanctuary. As in the previous Diablo 3 will use random environments and objects, which could be destroyed. Indeed, objects in the environment can be used to active opponents to injure or even kill them. In this way, the environment in Diablo 3 is fully matures than in Diablo 2. Cooperation will again play an important in this game.

Classes / characters

Three of the five different classes have currently been released by Blizzard- barbarian, wizard and witch doctor. Just as before, the barbarian will be specialized in man-to-man fighting. However, in addition to brute force, there are also many new skills come with multiple enemies at the same time. The wizard will fear for his magic in the short and long distance. The skills of both barbarian and the wizard are displayed in a “skill tree”. With the advent of the ‘witch doctor’, is likely the best class that can transform extremely varied medicine to mass control the enemies. For example, the medicine can control the diseases of animals and they may influence the fragile spirit of the opponents.


In Diablo 2, sometimes players were to the point of boredom when they faced with the chronic lack of drinks for health and management. In Diablo 3, Blizzard includes so-called “health globes’ use and the players only need to drink a minimum amount from the globes to improve health. In this way, the player does not keep going back for drinks. Besides, fighting can created a source of health.


In Diablo 2 players made use of Hotkeys’ on their keyboard to toggle between the different skills. With the arrival of Diablo 3, there is a different skill which can be more accessible. Players can quickly and easily change between the different skills with the mouse wheel. Unlike Diablo 2, skills are not tied to the level of the character, but the number of points made in previous skills.